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Helping Your Business Profit From Your Words    

 A recent survey showed that audiences felt 82% of presentations were “average to poor”. More than half of speakers agree they are average at best. Can your business afford these numbers?   

Have you heard:   

  • The sales pitch from hell that will not end?
  • The person trying to sell you something you have no interest in?
  • The speaker that goes so deep into the detail you lose site of what they are talking about?


iSpeakEASY offers workshops and individualized coaching to help you prosper from your words. Whether you are on a sales call, presenting to a planning committee, motivating your staff, or speaking at a social function, we can help you:    

  • Deliver a presentation that carries a clear message
  • Motivate your audience to take new action
  • Feel confident and exude credibility







  • Adding video to your webpage

Video on your web site brings more viewers to your site. Quality video gets them to stay. Here are 7 reasons why you want video on your website along with information on how iSpeakEASY can help you put your best foot forward. We take the fear and hassle out of adding video to your web. 

You receive coaching to create a clear and concise message, tips on how to look good in front of the camera, and the opportunity to observe other business owners practice their presentation. You are recorded by a professional videographer using state-of-the-art equipment.  Your video is enhanced and edited before the final product is delivered to you. We can even help you post it to your website (additional fee). 

iSpeakEASY workshops make it easy for you to receive the benefits of web video. We do everything but the talking and we will help you with that!   

  • Are you making enough money from membership in your networking group?

It’s a fact that the number of referrals you receive in your networking group from your infomercials and 10-minute presentations – referrals you can then turn into closed business – depends on how well you present your ideas to others. It depends on how you speak and what you say. In other words, it depends on your speaking skills.    

iSpeakEASY has workshops that may help improve your speaking skills. Other people who’ve attended these session have found that they are now earning more money – and they credit what they learned in the workshops for the increased income. They’re making more money. You can, too.    

Workshops that help improve your credibility and confidence when speaking.  At just $97, most people earn the investment back within weeks.     

We are now accepting applications for the above workshops. There are limited spaces in each session. Click here to see a workshop flier.    

  •  The Speakers Academy: A Comprehensive Skills Enhancement Program (four 3-hour sessions)            

When we speak, we have a goal in mind – something we want the audience to do because of hearing us. Whether you are trying to sell a product or service, change a behavior, or enlist support for a cause, this series will help you.      

New speakers and veterans of the lectern will see dramatic improvements as they learn how to outline, design, and deliver their presentation. We look at effective use of visual aids (including PowerPoint), how to design and alter your slides. All participants make a presentation, receive professional, and peer evaluation.      

This four-part workshop is for the person or organization that takes their speaking seriously and wants to improve performance.      

One session is spent on each of the four key areas:     

  • Determine Your Target and Outline Your Talk
  • Effective Use of Visual Aids
  • Delivery Techniques
  • Practice Sessions 


  • What Does an Audience Want From a Presentation? (3 hours)

Knowing what an audience wants from a speaker (and what they detest) will help you deliver in a powerful presentation. Less than half of all speakers feel they do a good job. Audiences say less than one out of every five speakers is good. This workshop describes the “Three Highly Desired Qualities” as well as the “Five Fatal Flaws” of public speaking.      


  • Effective Use of PowerPoint (3 hours) 

PowerPoint is a powerful and effective visual aid when used appropriately. The rest of the time, it is a powerful sleep aid. This session covers how to use PowerPoint to WOW your audience. A good visual aid enhances your presentation while a poor visual aid or an improperly used visual aid hurts your credibility.     

 This session covers how to design slides, what to include (and what to leave out), how to alter pictures and graphs, and tips for using PowerPoint like a professional.     


  • Improving Credibility and Confidence (3 hours)

Your professionalism will be judged, in part, on how well you deliver your talk. There is a direct link between your confidence and your credibility, but confidence alone is not enough. This workshop identifies why your audience wants to listen to you, your unique qualifications to give the talk, and identifies techniques for managing your fears. Your confidence and credibility will increase as a result of this session.     


  • Identifying Your Target (3 hours) 

Have you ever heard a speaker that you just could not follow? No matter how hard you tried, you kept getting lost. Chances are the speaker did not have a clear idea of what he wanted to say. Knowing what you want to say and what you want the audience to do are key elements to successful speaking. This workshop focuses on identifying the single message of each talk you give, outlining the main points, and putting it all together in a format that is both clear and powerful.      


  • Creating Effective Visual Aids (3 hours) 

Visual aids can increase the effectiveness of your presentation by 600% when designed and used appropriately. When used poorly, they create distractions and confuse your audience. This session explores types of visuals (PowerPoint and more) so you can choose the correct visual aid for your situation.     


  • Presenting Technical Information (3 hours) 

The more you know about your topic, the harder it is to present the correct information. An audience wants to know the meaning of your presentation; they do not want to be mired in the details. This is workshop is most useful for those in professions with many details such as scientists, financial planners, attorneys, CPAs, and others that must present technical information to a lay audience, prospective client or governing board.     


  • Making Presentations Over The Phone

Your phone is a valuable marketing tool. This workshop emphasizes skills and techniques that will help you improve the quality and clarity of your conversations allowing you to reach the goals you are seeking.     

  •  Don’t See What You Need?

Custom workshops can be designed to meet the needs of your company. Call us at (415) 342-7106 or     

Helping You Profit From Your Words


iSpeakEASY is committed to helping you improve your skills.  Post workshop support is included at no additional cost and includes limited phone and email support to help you launch your new skills.     





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