Ethan Rotman

A Good Presentation Is All About…

In Credibility, Delivery, New Techniques, Organization, Public Speaking on January 24, 2010 at 2:12 pm

In a conversation on the effective communication, Trevor Hults of Northeastern Sales & Marketing Representative at Applied Systems Technology states:

A good presentation is all about landing the plane. I’m sure we’ve all sat through presentations that started well and seemed to be going somewhere only to leave us without an answer to that critical question: “So What?” Why get on a plane if the pilot doesn’t know how to land? You just end up circling until he runs out of fuel.

Whenever preparing a presentation I always make sure to clearly outline my 1) Subject 2) Theme and 3) Proposition. The proposition is always critical and I find a way to return to it often to keep reinforcing the one point that I want everyone to walk out with and remember so when they’re at Starbucks or Stumptown Coffee Roasters three hours later they’ll remember that point and pass it on. Also, I avoid using extrinsic motivation and instead use intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation can come across as an accusation or make the speaker sound judgmental, which tends to demotivate listeners. With intrinsic motivation one taps into the innate desire most people have to succeed. For example…

Intrinsic = Be a Champion

Extrinsic = You Should Be a Champion

Finally, read Made To Stick by Dan & Chip Heath. If you are a communicator of any kind, e.g. sales, education, trainer, etc. you need to read this book.


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