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Pointers For PowerPoint Users

In PowerPoint on November 16, 2009 at 6:54 pm

Speaking Tip 52

You may be an expert on your subject, but your audience will judge you, in part, on the delivery of your talk. If you have “issues” with your computer or projector, it can frustrate your audience and leave a poor impression of you as a professional.

Conversely, presenting a well-delivered PowerPoint presentation that does not have any equipment problems helps the audience see you as a competent professional. Simple tools can often make a big difference.

Most projectors come with a remote control. These work, but tend to be complex and have many buttons to press. A sweaty thumb hitting the wrong button can send your show into an unrecoverable tailspin.

A simple remote such as the Interlink RemotePoint Navigator is very effective and easy to use, thus reducing the speaker’s stress level.

This particular remote has four buttons, nothing more. It interacts with your laptop (not the projector), which reduces potential problems.

The buttons are forward, backward, blackout and laser pointer. Simple enough. If you hit the wrong button out of nervousness, it is a simple fix. On/off, forward or back – nothing more. This remote helps you eliminate some of the common mistakes many presenters make that make them look like amateurs.

Professional Projection Tip #1.
Begin by displaying your first slide, not having the audience watch as you fumble through your desktop to start the program. Such fumbling wastes valuable time, makes the speaker look like an amateur, and is potentially embarrassing, depending on what else is on your computer.

A professional sets up her equipment prior to speaking and has the first slide ready to project. She hits the “blackout” button so the audience sees nothing until she is ready to start. Then a simple click shows the first slide. This gives the credibility of the speaker a “jump start”.

Professional Projection Tip #2
Likewise, using a remote control with a blackout button allows the speaker to eliminate that embarrassing “End of slide show. Click to exit” slide at the end. Showing this slide screams out “Amateur at the controls!”

Professional Projection Tip #3
Use a remote control that includes a laser pointer. Presenting a show is complicated enough without having to use one control for advancing slides and another control for pointing out objects on the screen.

Your credibility increases when you present well. Being an expert in your field helps, but being a polished presenter tells the audience you are prepared, qualified, and competent.

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